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What is a bankless credit?

Credit without banks, or loans between individuals, is born of the emergence of a new economic model, namely the sharing economy, which is based on the exchange of goods or services between individuals. This new model also has repercussions on the world of finance, which is transforming itself and trying to integrate digitization and community spirit into its way of working. Collaborative finance thus defies the traditional banking system, leaving room for an alternative mode of financing.

The loan between individuals is financed by private investors. To apply for credit, you must go through an online platform, where you have the opportunity to describe your project and indicate the amount needed to achieve it. Private lenders consult credit applications one by one and choose where to inject their money. To reduce the risk of non-repayment, it is typical that they only finance part of the project, usually a part of the amount. Your loan is therefore financed by several people: it is the altruism of these investors that allows your project to come to life, through a credit without a bank.

How do loans between individuals work?

The loan between private individual allows to obtain a credit without bank: it is private investors who finance your project. The principle of lending by particular lender is relatively simple and little different from the traditional banking system. Indeed, you will need, as when you go through a bank, provide some credentials to the particular lender that you can however provide online without having to move. As for a traditional credit, you must be at least 18 years old, can not have credit contentious or be registered at the Centre Credit to Individuals. This type of loan can be useful for car financing for example.

The particular lender specifies in advance what amount it can lend by paying interest. The interest rate varies depending on the amount, the repayment term, the risk associated with the credit without a bank and the applicant’s loan history. The choice is up to him to decide who he wants to credit. Downstream, the borrower specifies the desired amount, the project to be financed and provides the following information: income, family situation, credit history, etc.

Is it possible to obtain credit without a bank?

The answer is yes. Today, collaborative finance takes more space than ever before in the world of finance and is growing very fast. Thus, you can find in Belgium online platforms allowing you to perform a simulation loan and then apply for credit without a bank with a particular lender. Conversely, it is also possible to invest in individual projects. The pioneer of personal loans in Belgium remains, which was launched in 2015 and offers different types of personal loans.

How to find a credit between serious individuals?

There are unfortunately many malicious people on the net who are likely to offer easy loans, quick to get and the amount you want without asking for proof. Be aware, however, that no legitimate financial institution will grant you a loan without first consulting your income. The techniques to gain your trust are different, but the goal remains the same: you extort money. To spot scams online, be careful of the following signs, which should immediately alert you:

  • The site of the particular lender does not start with “https: //” and is therefore not secure
  • The lender does not have a physical address
  • The credit institution is not registered with the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority)
  • No proof of income is required

As you will have understood, it is essential to go to a certified platform to obtain credit without a bank, via a particular lender. To learn more about online scams, feel free to read our article on this topic.

What can I finance with a personal loan?

Personal loans are personal loans. These are credits for which you decide the amount needed and do not have to justify your purchases, unlike the assigned loan, which requires a proof of the object or service you want to acquire. These personal loans allow you to finance a car, the renovation of your kitchen, a trip, a wedding. And many more. To find the one that suits you, compare loans between individuals on Comparatorgo.

What are the advantages of credit through a particular lender?

The loan between individuals allows to limit the costs of banking intermediation and refinancing. In fact, the APR or Global Annual Effective Rate also includes your file processing fees. Since your request is online, they are lower. Online peer-to-peer lending platforms also offer some unique rewards. For example, Passare offers a discount to people repaying their credit on time. The loan between individuals can also be a solution for people in difficulty and can not qualify for a loan from a conventional credit company.

Can I get credit without a bank if I am blacklisted by the national bank?

In Belgium, if you go through a platform of loans between individuals, it is not possible to obtain credit without a bank if you are negatively listed at the Centre Credit to Individuals. However, it is possible to get credit from someone in your family or circle of friends. In this case, having a notarized loan contract is recommended because it provides additional security for both partie

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Green loans for home improvement. Tue, 30 Jul 2019 09:47:25 +0000 See More]]>  What is a green loan?

 What is a green loan?


Energy loans, also called green loans, are a variant of the home improvement loan. A green credit allows you to make renovations in your home in order to save energy.

Energy credits are a way for banks to promote environmentally friendly initiatives and, as a result, encourage their customers to prefer green lending to home improvement loans. Note that these are personal loans and not mortgages.

In addition to saving energy, these loans generally have a low interest rate. Water and electricity are expensive, saving on your energy bills will be welcome. In addition, energy retrofits save your property value, which could allow you to make a good return on investment in the event of a subsequent sale.

However, an investment in renewable energy can quickly come back very expensive. If you do not want to sacrifice a large portion of your savings, a green loan can be a solution, because it allows you to make the necessary arrangements at once and then repay your loan at your own pace.

How much money can I borrow through the energy loan?

How much money can I borrow through the energy loan?

Most banks allow you to borrow between € 1,250 and € 100,000, which you must repay in a period ranging from 6 to 120 months. An amount therefore sufficient to do the necessary work and thus save energy.

What type of work can I use green credit for?

What type of work can I use green credit for?

An energy credit is used primarily to make the necessary adjustments to the use of renewable energy in your home. But what are the green works that everyone is talking about? To find out, you need to contact your bank to determine what is considered green work or not. Most banks offer energy loans (also known as green loans) to finance the following amenities: roof and floor insulation, installation of photovoltaic panels, purchase of a solar water heater or a heat pump.

However, there are some banks that offer green loans to protect your home against fire reports, so it is important to first check with the financial institutions involved.

Which loans can I group?

Which loans can I group?

It is possible in most banks to apply for a green loan to finance other developments, provided that 75% of the work done is for the purpose of saving energy. Thus, you can also pass under this credit the financing of a new kitchen, a bathroom or a swimming pool. You will be asked to justify your purchases to determine what percentage of the amount borrowed will be used to achieve energy savings.

If you want to renovate your kitchen, we must focus on home improvement loans that are more suitable for this type of work. They allow you to renovate your home without any special ecological requirements.

Can I deduct an energy loan from my taxes?

Can I deduct an energy loan from my taxes?

The federal government provides a tax credit for certain environmentally friendly investments. It is important to find out beforehand as these measures may vary from one year to the next.

By making a request to the Flemish Government you can get a significant reduction on your property taxes for your energy renovations. There are also green loans granted by the Flemish government. To make the request, it is necessary to address you to the House of the Energy of your city. Attention, to obtain this type of loan there are special conditions to fulfill in order to benefit from it. In addition, some types of work are excluded. The amount you can borrow is lower than for energy credits offered by banks. It is therefore essential to compare offers to find the corresponding loan. It is possible to compare up to 11 energy loans. You can save up to 2.000 € by comparing offers!

Can I claim a bonus in addition to the green loan?

Can I claim a bonus in addition to the green loan?

If you decide to invest in renewable energy, you can make a claim with your operator to see if you can get a bonus. These bonuses can be very interesting, so it is wise to stay informed about the possible contributions for the current year.

What conditions do I have to fulfill to apply for an energy loan?

What conditions do I have to fulfill to apply for an energy loan?

In addition to the usual conditions required to apply for a personal loan, you must take other parameters into account in order to formulate your application for a green loan. The main purpose of green credits is to help you finance renovations to save energy. You will need to submit your quotes and invoices to your bank so that it can assess whether or not the borrowed money will actually be used to invest in renewable energy.

In the case of some banks, the amount allocated for green renovations is 75% of the loan, which means that the remaining 25% can be used for other types of work, such as the creation of a winter garden or a terrace. Some banks also allow you to make arrangements to protect your home from fire.

How to reduce the cost of my ecological work?

How to reduce the cost of my ecological work?

As with any home improvement loan, there are ways to reduce your costs. Indeed, it is always difficult to estimate in advance how much the ecological renovations to be undertaken will cost, just like the quantity of materials needed. A bad estimate can be detrimental since you may find yourself having to repay more than necessary.

To avoid this, be sure to always have quotes prepared beforehand. Indeed, most entrepreneurs are willing to offer a free, no obligation quote. This allows you to see which contractor can offer you the best price and you know exactly how much you need to borrow.

How to find the best energy loan?

To find the best green loan, it is important to compare the offers on the Belgian market. To do this, it is best to compare annual interest rates. You can compare green credits on our site and find the best deals to save on your energy bills!

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How much can I borrow as a single person? | Loans Sun, 28 Jul 2019 13:00:03 +0000 See More]]>

The particular numbers don’t lie. Within Belgium and the Netherlands, the amount of single people is boosting drastically. People prefer to remain single or separate due to a divorce. But that has a wide range of implications. In certain cases we are able to even say that single individuals have a harder time enduring than couples and cohabiting couples. Borrowing as an one person can be even more difficult. The question is, can I borrow in any way as a single person and exactly how much can I borrow as being a single person?

Being single through lifetime

Being single through life

The figures appear to be coming hard because more than 40% of the Flemish individuals in Belgium seem to survive and that figure is increased. A distinction must also be produced between:

  • single person
  • single with child (ren)

Within the Netherlands, it is even anticipated that half of the population is going to be single by 2050. Since the new trend is that individuals prefer to go through life because single. This occurs both in the young and the older. With young people, the need to end up being single is different: Relationships final less and continue to research until they have found the particular promised land. The elderly have previously had a family and no longer require that family connection. The amount of singles is increasing because of the increasing aging of the people.

This means that solitary parents have a harder period than single people. That will difference is not because solitary parents often receive extra premiums and discounts simply because they have dependent children.

Why do young couples have it so easy?

Why do couples have it so easy?

The key reason why couples have it easier is not just because they can share the expenses of energy and water, but additionally even divide their taxable income, which means that they have to pay out less taxes (Belgium). Just one pays nearly 56% fees on his income while companions can partially transfer their own income to the partner will not earn the least. That way these people both have to pay less fees.

As a few it is easier for you to remove a mortgage loan since each usually have a permanent job. This particular reduces the risk that the mortgage will not be paid off.

If you would like to hire a maidservant, you can enter the expenses in the tax return for a specific amount. A couple can enter two times as many expenses as an one person. Here is calculated for each individual.

People who like to go on holiday furthermore travel better with two or more people. Single individuals often have to pay an extra surcharge on airline tickets and resort bookings.

The particular withholding tax is the exact same for singles as for lovers. In other words, it is not calculated for each person but per home. A single person pays twice as a lot as a couple if you might view it individually.

Borrowing as a single individual, is that possible?

Borrowing as a single person, is that possible?

Lend from the bank or loan provider

It is certainly feasible but do not expect presents, because as a single individual it is often more difficult to secure that loan. The normal rule is that you may borrow 33% of your net gain. And that’s a good thing too. However that is not obvious because banking institutions and lenders are much less inclined to give you a loan as being a single person unless you can in fact give something in guarantee.

I have currently read on forums that one mothers pay more interest on the mortgage loan than cohabiting young couples who would borrow the same amount. Set up quota is low in addition to a fixed monthly income. It really is worth trying when you technique different lenders and try to about the proposal.

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Financial assistance to help you with your projects. Sun, 21 Jul 2019 09:04:04 +0000 See More]]>

In France, an important system of scholarships makes it possible to help finance the studies of his child. But for families who do not meet the award criteria, other funding solutions exist such as tailored personal loans.

Financial aid existing in France for students

Financial aid existing in France for students

Very many financial aid for students exist in France. Here is the list:

  • student grants awarded on social criteria (the most common);
  • scholarships abroad (eg Erasmus);
  • specific aid (annual allowance or one-off assistance for people in a critical situation);
  • housing aid;
  • merit aids (for those who have obtained a high honors degree);
  • mobility aids for masters (for students wishing to enroll in a master’s degree in another academic region);
  • other scholarships and financial support (for students preparing a public service competition, with a disability, etc.);
  • aid from local authorities.

In addition to these financial aid for students , it is possible to anticipate this funding upstream. For example by taking out life insurance when children are small, in order to use funds once students, or by applying for bank loans (student loans guaranteed by the state, personal loans).

The criteria to be respected in order to qualify for different aids

The criteria to be respected in order to qualify for different aids

All these different grants and grants are subject to different award criteria, which we have already seen for some. Student grants based on social criteria are awarded, in large part, according to the situation and income of the student’s family. Throughout his years of higher education, the student will also have a duty of attendance to all courses, homework, practical work and directed, internships and exams. All other types of support are subject to specific award criteria that characterize them (a change of academy for mobility aids, obtaining a mention very well in the baccalaureate for aids to merit, etc.). Some local authorities also have help for local residents.

The use of the personal loan

The use of the personal loan

In April 2016, there were 682,695 student fellows in France out of the 1.9 million students taking an open scholarship course. For all students who do not meet Crus grant criteria, the personal loan is the appropriate financial solution. Investment in the future, the student loan is flexible in terms of both amount and repayment duration. A loan simulator is available for you to perform a simulation of personal loan .

If you want to anticipate the financing of your children’s future studies, the use of life insurance is interesting.

Just note that after 8 years of opening the contract you benefit from a more favorable tax. Remember to open it before 10 years of your child!

A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.


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Calculate Interest For Credit | Calculate credit interest. Sat, 13 Jul 2019 09:10:13 +0000 See More]]>

Almost every provider offers interest-secured real estate loans for a period of five or ten years at an effective interest rate of well below two percent. Calculate the interest rates for follow-up financing. Are you looking for top credit rates in November?

The calculation

The calculation

the interest referred to in point 10 of Appendix XII; it is adjusted where appropriate at the time of the five-yearly actuarial calculation. By virtue of Article 12 of the XII of the Staff Regulations, Article 10 of XII of the XII of the Staff Regulations, it should be revised, if necessary, within the framework of five-year evaluations. the interest rate to be used in accordance with Article 10 of this Annex; it is adjusted to the requirements of the five-year actuarial period. In Art. 10 of the

In the case of commercial success, the object of research, and Article 3 (4) and Article 110 (3) of the Conditions of Employment of other servants shall be set at 3,1%. Taux, respectivement du RAA, is the 3.1% for the calculation of intérêts composés.

Interest Rate Method (Day Estimation Convention):

Interest Rate Method (Day Estimation Convention):

Procedures after which loan are determined percentage (Haircut). and 3; if necessary, it will be adjusted at the time of the five-year actuarial calculation. The interest rate referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 above may be amended on the occasion of the five-year actuarial valuations of the European Central Bank.

6. If two payments are not made on time, the seller shall apply the discount rate of the European Centrel Bank from the due date. Loans will include securities issued at a discount and securities that issue a single coupon at maturity. we are, without the it a matching need, interest rates, legitimate. the. of the temporary administrator. Over the legal interest rate of 8% above the base rate. The interest rates above the statutory rate (8% above the reference interest rate). reclaim the surplus assets or cash. 

Percentage points above the base rate. above the base rate. the corresponding discount rate. The right to default interest of 8% H. above the applicable basic wage rate. The days of this billing cycle, calculated on the basis of a 360-day year with 12 months of 30 days divided by 360.


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Lightning Credit. Fri, 05 Jul 2019 09:15:37 +0000 See More]]>


PrePaid credit card instead of 7,777 EUR biltint loan: What is it about? For some days now, there have been more and more inquiries from clients in my office, who are made aware of claims by the bank. The company A-Z Internet Services LLC advertises on the net offering a non-creative Mastercard Golden and an immediate credit (lightning loan) up to EUR 7,777.

He then enters his details on the website mentioned in the advertisement, receives after a few days a so-called starter pack, for which he has to pay 149.90 EUR by mail. A large number of reports on the Internet also indicates that this starter package will be sent not only on call, but also when the finished order form is not even sent.

It can be assumed that the information will be tapped when filling out the order form.

It can be assumed that the information will be tapped when filling out the order form.

Which components of this starter package are included? Unfortunately, not the desired balance, but only the access data for requesting a costly prepaid credit card. The promised lightning coupon does not exist. Those who do not accept the starter package because they have in the meantime asked about the circumstances of the providers or have not given any orders, will receive detailed reminders after a few days by mail, in which dunning costs of up to 555.45 EUR are expected.

It then explains which information was requested in the alleged order, whether a valid contract has been concluded and whether the addressee was obliged to pay the “issue costs” for MasterCard. In addition, it is alleged that, when placing the order, reference was made to the statutory right of withdrawal and withdrawal was therefore not possible.

The consumer must be informed in advance

The consumer must be informed in advance

They need to be informed about his right of withdrawal in detail and be assured in full knowledge of the law that he will waive his right of withdrawal. Anyone who unwaveringly neglects all this will then receive the threat of collection by post. Allegedly, the matter was passed on to the “dunning department” – which raises the question of who sent the previous dunning fraud.

Even those who have already paid the 149.90 EUR, because they wanted the promised Biltint loan and now have gotten a useless prepaid credit card, should deny the order, at least to save further costs.

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Assistants of the State to finance your renovation work. Tue, 25 Jun 2019 09:35:29 +0000 See More]]>

Do you need to renovate your home? Here are 3 schemes proposed by the State to help you complete their financing.

Eco-loan at zero rate, your credit solution works

Eco-loan at zero rate, your credit solution works

You want to do energy renovation work at home and have looked at the work loans side. However, in order to finance these developments, you can also claim eco-loan rate zero (eco-PTZ). It consists of a loan of up to € 30,000. Conditions ? That the dwelling concerned is your principal residence, that it was completed before January 1990, and that you realize works contained in a bouquet defined by the Ministry of the Environment (effective insulation of the roof or the external walls, installation of Renewable energy heating, etc. Take a look at the complete list! Note that this credit work works only with artisans or companies certified RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment).

Tax credit: deduct a portion of the costs of your work!

Tax credit: deduct a portion of the costs of your work!

What if you took advantage of a tax break to help you properly isolate your old energy-consuming walls? This is what ISCED proposes to you, or tax credit for the energy transition. Whether you own or rent, CITE allows you to deduct 30% of the costs of your energy renovation work. An allowance however capped at € 8,000 per person (or € 16,000 for a couple), enough to easily finance a condensing boiler, a new thermal insulation or a brand new heat pump, among the eligible works.

Ask for an Ahn grant

Ask for an Anah grant

Do you plan to carry out major renovations to improve the energy performance of your home? The Ahn (National Housing Authority) supports you with financial aid that can cover up to 50% of the amount, for a maximum of € 10,000 (€ 25,000 for heavier work). Renovation of the electrical or gas installation, repair of the bathroom, replacement of the roof. The possibilities are numerous, provided not to exceed a certain level of resources, to have a housing of more than 15 years and not having benefited from a PTZ the last five years. If you meet these criteria, you are dressed for the big work at home!

A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.


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